About Us

Whatsup! My name is Madeline Jolie, thanks for stopping by. I am a college student majoring in photography and since i was 12, I’ve has strive to take pictures.


Most people take pictures to share moment to their lives and lets people see what it’s like in their shoes. but to me, photography is more telling stories than it is sharing moments. A camera is a source in which I go to when I can’t tell a story using my word.


I enjoy taking portraits which who you are rather than what you look like. I also enjoy take candids and capturing moments in time that tell a whole story. I have taken pictures for events such as birthday, Weddings, and took photos from a helicopter for a New York city project.


Lastly, I love working with animals and understand the want to always show off your pet as I have one myself. If I’ve learned anything so far, it is that photography has absolutely nothing to do with cameras, but only with the photography.

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